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Roland is one of the best mandolin players ever.  He makes things look easy that aren't!
This is one of my favorite places to go to learn about luthery.  I also enjoy machine work and making specialized tools - This site is great!
I've had many lessons from Steve over the years at Camp Bluegrass.  He plays every instrument he touches well.
I have attended Camp Bluegrass almost every year since it started in 1995.  I love the people, the teachers, and the atmosphere.
Alan is one of my all time favorite banjo players.  His melodies are distinctive and pleasant to listen to. - He writes pretty tunes!
All things mandolin!
A great store for all your instrument needs.
A great Bluegrass Band that plays along the Front Range in Northern Colorado.
Durl Jones' Mandolin workshop, Northern Colorado's finest handmade mandolins.
The Mandolins Store Great place to purchase instruments; check out my winders!






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